Robotics – are they smarter than you?

If we are so smart, then why would we invest in a technology that will take our jobs?

     Can a computer have a hunch?  Does a computer have a sense of humor?  Does a computer have a soul?  Does a computer cry when it is lonely?  Does a computer feel pain?  Does a computer want companionship?

     According to Can Computers have Emotions?  Forty-two percent of people, say yes!  Most people do not agree.  And, I am one of them. Since there was a question, I developed my own experiment.  I placed my computer is a closet and turned off the light.  Later, I opened the door and it had not moved.  I checked for tears and there was none, no, none, nada.

     Personify your dog, your car, or your spouse, but a computer will never have feelings or emotions. People just merely want to prescribe human feeling to their objects.  Whether my robot arm lifts its arms and opens its jaws, does not mean it’s mad or happy or sad.  Get a life – people.  I even understand that there are professors who work in the field of artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is wonderful, but I am so sorry to say that it’s not true.  Computers do as computers are told.


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