Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace – does her name remind you of Ada Fruit?

Ada Lovelace lived from December 10, 1815 until November 27, 1852.  She is credited as being the first programmer for her work on a mechanical analytic machine.  She was a mathematician, but she was also the daughter of estranged parents, as many adults and children are today.  Though she accomplished much, she always longed to be with her father, Lord Byron, who had left her and England permanently when she was just four months old.  She directed that upon her death that her bodily remains be buried next to her father, and her wishes were carried out.  Lovelaces mother pushed her daughter into mathematics to keep Lovelace from going in her father’s footsteps.

Limor Fried is the owner of Adafruit, an engineering and electronic parts online store.  It is questionable from the sources I’ve been able to find as to how Limore fried named her company Adafruit.  One speculation, and it might be true, is that Limore Fried aka Lady Ada named her company after a programming language named Ada that was named after Ada Lovelace and fruit after Apple, Inc.

What is unquestioned is that these two women were mighty in technology and rebellious in their own right.   Lovelace pursued her father.  Lady Ada offered a reward to programmers to make a driver for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, prompting a rebuke by Microsoft that was later retracted.

Certainly, both of these capable women had a mind of their own.







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